Amirul Momenin Manik is legend singer in Bangladesh. Professionally Amirul Momenin Manik is a Journalist at television, Singer, Tuner, Lyricist and Writer.



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Amirul Momenin Manik such an artiste who needs no introduction. With only three solo albums to his credit, Manik has craved a special niche in the minds of Bengali musicophiles. Though Manik has found great fame as a journalist and popular news and talk-show presenter of My TV, the multitalented man has also put his signature of flair in music. Listening to his exquisite voice, anyone will find Manik much more a singer than anything else.

 Like many others, celebrated singer Nachiketa has made no mistake identifying his musical panache. Being thrilled with the whirlpools of his haunting melodies, Nachiketa said, “I firmly believe that Manik has such a musical faculty that will someday stir up the entire Bangladesh and he will mesmerise Bengali melomans all over the world.” With his own uniqueness, Manik bears signs of successes in both music and journalism alike; he is quite a media-shy though. Talking to daily sun, Manik said, “I have been practicing music since my very early age as I love music very much.” “I always try to present life-affirming and realistic songs to my audience,” he added. His excellence in composing and penning songs distinguished Manik from his contemporaries in both Bangladesh and India.

The God-gifted vocalist has risen into prominence through presenting some hit numbers like Ma Je Das Mas Das Din, Chhaya Manabi, Misscall, Achal Poisa, Sirai Sirai, Facebook and Ekta Shalik. Besides winning fathomless love from audiences, the born singer has also attained critical acclaim form Bengali music connoisseurs. “There are lots of singers in Bangladesh, but Manik is quite different from the others as his songs uphold philosophy of life alongside with social phenomena and historical awareness”- this is how Prof Dr Syed Anwar Hussain of Dhaka University appreciated the relevance of Manik’s songs. Manik has also emerged as one of the most popular singers of the country as the music video of his song about mother has recently generated two million views on YouTube.

The renowned contemporary singers like Nachiketa, Kumar Biswajit, Asif Akbar, Nakul Kumar Biswas, Agun, SI Tutul, Biplob, Rinku and Rajib have lent their voices to his songs. Besides, legendary singer Ferdausi Rahman has put some of his songs in the list of her Esho Gaan Shikhi, an iconic musical show of BTV.



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